Tuesday, August 17, 2010

National Camp Series - Philadelphia, PA - July 30, 2010

Philadelphia, PA Regional Event - July 30, 2010
Manheim Central High School – Manheim, PA
Sunny / 85 Degrees / 10 mph Wind Surface: Field Turf

It was picture perfect day for the National Combine Series Philadelphia, PA
Regional Event as specialists from across the northeast gathered to compete. Special
Teams Solutions, led by former Rutgers specialists Lee McDonald and Charlie Titus, ran
the event.

Patrick Clarke from Delaware Military Academy (DE) really impressed with a
perfect showing on field goals, hitting all ten attempts with a long of 52 yards off the
ground. Clarke had an equally impressive kickoff performance averaging 63 yards with
3.74 hang time per kick. “Patrick shows DI ability. Very good leg on kickoffs. Great
lift and accuracy on field goals. One of the top kicking prospects in the northeast for
2011,” says Lee McDonald, Director of Special Teams Solutions. 2011 prospect Chris
Garaffa of Lampeter Stradburg (PA) High School connected on 9 of 10 attempts with a
long of 47 yards from a 1” block. “Chris is a solid combo prospect with a good leg and
poise. Very accurate. Improved kickoff and punting technique will up his numbers,” says
McDonald. Corey Broughton of Elkins (WV) High School was the top punter posting
a 44 yard / 3.8 seconds hang time per punt average. “Corey performs well on all three
skills and has developed into a legit college prospect. Solid leg, frame and upside," says
McDonald. Among the snappers, Nick Sinclair of Paul VI (NJ) Hi School set the pace
by averaging .75 per long snap from fourteen yards. “Nick is a definite DI snapping
prospect. Great frame and upside. Very good velocity. A little more polish and he will be
college game ready,” says McDonald.

In the varsity class of 2012 division, Bryan Myer of Manheim Central (PA) High
School proved to be the best overall performer by connecting on 6 of 10 field goals with
a long of 44 yards, averaging 61 yards / 3.7 seconds hang per kickoff and posting a 43
yard / 3.8 seconds hang time punting average. “Bryant shows huge potential as a combo
prospect. Good size with a strong leg. Look for big things down the road with some
work on his mechanics,” says McDonald. Gabriel Policare of Trinity (PA) High School
showed his upside in averaging .89 seconds per long snap from 14 yards. “Gabriel is
new to snapping and shows much potential. Good size and zip on the ball. Improved
mechanics and experience will make him a legit college prospect,” says McDonald. In
the junior varsity class of 2013 division, Chris Gulla of Tom’s River North (NJ) High
School was the most outstanding performer going 9 of 10 on field goals with a long of
43 yards and averaging 55 yards / 3.7 seconds per kickoff. “Chris is a very accurate,
composed kicker with a live leg. His size and athletic ability make him one to watch in
the class of 2013,” says McDonald.